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MyGig Disk Recovery thanks you for checking out the MyGig system recovery products
for your vehicle. We have made sure that your visit and your purchasing information is secure.

  • Browsing Security
    No cookies or other hidden tracking methods are used on this web site.  There are no ads
    and no information is requested or collected from any visitors.  No browser add-ons are
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  • Purchasing Security
    PayPal handles the entire purchase transaction process on the PayPal secure site.  When
    you press a "Buy Now" button, you will be presented with a secure PayPal purchase
    check-out page.  You have the option of using a PayPal account or to make the purchase with
    a credit card.  PayPal will suggest you create a PayPal account but it is not necessary. 
    Most of our customers use their credit card without a PayPal account.

If you have an questions or comments about the security of your information on this web
site or the PayPal web site contact us at



MyGig Disk Recovery respects your privacy.  If you make a purchase we well only be
provided with your shipping address and your email address.  This information will
only be used only to fulfill your purchase.  You address and contact information will not
be provided to any other person or entity.