Fix-It-Yourself, with a MyGig Disk-Image or MyGig Hard Drive
Low cost Dodge Chrysler Jeep UConnect / Sirius HDD Repacement for Media Center

MyGig Problem? . . very likely file corruption or a failing hard drive.

  Fix it today or this weekend with one of these repairs . . . . . .

MyGig Disk-Image   $48   If  you have file corruption on a good drive,
you can download and apply a Disk-Image today  to restore it to its original configuration.  Disk-Images available for  REZ  REW  RHW  RER & RHR

MyGig Hard Drive   $138   (delivered in 2 or 3 days by Priority Mail)
If your drive is failing or if you prefer to avoid the computer work, order a replacement Plug'N Play drive.    Next-Day shipping for all models

Compatible with MyGig 430 430N 730N Media Center

Compatibility   Select your model on the menu above.
Check your model (RER, REZ etc) by the AUX jack on your MyGig.  HDD configuration is unique for each model.

Hard Drive Recovery for MyGig Radio, music, U-Connect and Navigation Common Media Center problems caused by a bad MyGig hard drive

Check your system against the 15 point list below. These problems are usually caused by your hard drive.  Navigation,  Music  & Uconnect  are configured on 3 separate hard drive partitions. If you have a problem with more that one of these features you probably have a failing hard drive, not just data corruption.  Check Customer Stories for complete descriptions of problems owners have fixed with MYGIG-DISK do-it-yourself repairs.

RBZ and RHB owners should refer to the Disk Problem List on the RBZ & RHB pages (tabs above) - this list does not apply to RBZ and RHB.

  • No Disk space in System Information
  • Navigation: Database not found
  • Gracenote: N/A in System Information
  • Stuck on "Navigation is being Activated"
  • "Serious Error" during Gracenote update
  • HDD Music Menu - No music found
  • Music titles listed as "Track 1" etc
  • Music upload and playback problems
  • Emergency-Update crashes
  • MyGig software update crashes
  • Uconnect® or Voice Commands don't work
  • Bluetooth Phone pairing not available
  • System freezes or reboots randomly
  • Intermittent start-up delay or crash
  • Reboot-Loop - see test before ordering

Don't "brick" your MyGig. Its tempting but risky to run a MyGig update when there is a problem caused by your hard drive. . . more

If your system is constantly rebooting or freezing or crashing, check this System-Test before ordering a new MyGig Hard Drive.

Customers tell how they fix their MyGig Navigation / Music systems

My 730N RER system displayed available disk space, navigation worked, played music but it wouldn't upload music from a USB drive or a CD. I installed the disk image on a spare notebook drive and now everything works great.Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin USA

The MyGig Update crashed before it finished and my system booted into the Emergency Update screen. Only after installing the disk image, would it let me start over with the Update CD. When finished, it worked. Thanks a MILLION! Sarasota, Florida USA. . . . . More Customer Stories

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Licensing Compliance

"MyGig" and "UConnect" are registered trademarks of FIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES (FCA). is not affiliated with FCA.

The MyGig Disk-Image and the replacement hard drive are each system recovery media to restore a licensed MyGig system to its original configuration. These system repair items do not distribute unauthorized upgrades or distribute software to unlicensed devices.

  • The MyGig Operating System and MyGig Applications reside in flash memory as firmware on MyGig systems and are not distributed on hard drives or disk images offered on this site.
  • Gracenote updates have been applied to recovery media for MyGig 430, 430N and 730N to restore Gracenote services on a licensed device.
  • Map updates have not been applied to recovery media for MyGig 730N navigation models as they must be acquired under a paid licensing arrangement between the MyGig system owner and the map distributor.
  • Map updates have not been applied to hard drive recovery media for MyGig 430N (RHB) as maps reside in flash memory as firmware.
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