MyGig Hard Drive Problem ? or MyGig System Problem ?
MyGig Hard Drive Access Cover

These could be HDD or System Problems  -  Run The Test

  • constant or random reboot
  • or crashing or freezing
  • or just won't start up ?

Usually a Hard Drive Problem - Try a new Hard Drive

  • Database       ERROR! TAG NOT FOUND
  • Gracenotes    N/A
  • Hard Disc       Zero GB
  • Music Upload and Playback problems

(On RHB Systems, Navigation features work without the hard drive)

Hard Drive Recovery for MyGig Radio, music, U-Connect and Navigation

MyGig Uconnect Restart ?    Test before you replace your hard drive

Hard Drive Recovery for MyGig Radio, music, U-Connect and Navigation Test your MyGig Hard Drive

Remove your hard drive following the instructions below to see if that solves the problem.  Your system should start up normally and play Radio (AM / FM) without the drive.  Most other features will not work during this test.

If your MyGig system constantly restarts, crashes, freezes  or just won't start up  with its hard drive connected, but will start up and play radio channels normally with the drive disconnected, you can be fairly certain your hard drive is the problem.  Occasionaly we see systems that will constantly reboot with any drive connected but work without a drive, but most often this test provides valid results. 

To perform this test, create temporary support for your MyGig just below the opening in the dashboard like shown in the photo below. 2 big folded beach towels is enough for this 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This will allow you to complete this test without disconnecting all the cables from the back of your MyGig or without sliding the MyGig head in and out of your dashboard for each phase of the test. You can run the radio-test with your system upside down as shown.

An 08 Torx drive is required to remove the hard drive from most MyGig units - some production runs used other Torx sizes.

Now What ?

  • If having your hard drive connected proves to be the cause of the Reboot, Freezing or Crashing, in most cases this means you need to restore or replace your hard drive to get your system back to its original working configuration. Select your MyGig model on the tab-menu above.
  • If your system has the same problem with the hard drive removed, there is no do-it-yourself solution. The unit will have to be exchanged through your car dealer or repaired by a Navigation System Repair company.

Don't pull on the hard drive ribbon cable or the IDE connector. Carefully release from underneath with a sharp pointed knife a little at each end a couple of times

When you reconnect your drive, be careful align the connector as shown. Its very easy to plug the connector in wrong, shifted left/right or inverted.