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to replace your Hard Drive than

to replace your System.

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Removing your MyGig unit

Important    Before you pull the MyGig unit from your dash, improvise temporary support just below the MyGig opening in the dashboard. You can then leave all the cables connected to the MyGig unit when you pull it out. This saves a lot of time, avoids breaking something and allows for testing before you reinstall your MyGig system.

On the Jeep below it only takes a couple of big folded beach towels. On your car it may take more effort to get the height, but this prep item will still save time and reduce risk.

Dashboard Trim

Checkout  NavRepair's Removal Videos  or search for something like "remove radio from 2015 jeep wrangler". You will find videos showing how to remove your head unit from your car.  The videos will usually span a few vehicle model years.

Car Battery Disconnected Its easier to disconnect the negative terminal on your car battery than to find and remove the correct fuse(s). Otherwise your MyGig system is always powered . . . even when the ignition is OFF. Your car battery must be disconnected when you connect or disconnect the Hard Drive from the ribbon cable.

The unit below is pictured upside-down. Removing the hard drive on this unit requires an 08T Torx bit.

By leaving all the cables connected, you can reconnect the battery and test the unit while it is still upside-down. Just remember to disconnect the battery if you remove the hard drive again for some reason.

MyGig REN Hard Drive Removal

Photo Below

Reminder > Car Battery Disconnected

Be careful when handling the hard drive. The drive can be damaged with rough handling.

First, remove the hard drive access cover from the MyGig unit. Next remove the drive from the cover to get better access to the ribbon connector. The connector might be very tight. Don't pull on the ribbon cable or the connector - Carefully release from underneath with a sharp pointed knife a little at each end a couple of times.

There are 4 ways to get the connection wrong   Unlike the cables on your computer, the connector on this cable is not keyed, so its possible to plug the hard drive in up-side-down, or to be offset left, right or down one row of pins. Just remember the bottom of the drive is facing up as shown when you plug in the ribbon connector and verify the alignment of the connector to the pins. Plugging your hard drive in wrong can damage a drive controller circuit in your system or destroy the drive.

MyGig REN Hard Drive Removal

Test your system before you re-install it in your dashboard

It very common to have the drive connection WRONG, so test your unit before you put it back into your dashboard.