same day repair Fix your RHB Uconnect radio yourself

RHB Repair at Home . . its easier to replace your Hard Drive or
Navigation Board than to replace your entire RHB System.

Mark in Minnesota said  "I had them unlock and clone my drive to
their SSD.  The menus are faster and the songs start instantly."

Compatible with MyGig RER

Make sure you order the correct hard drive for your vehicle.  PATA (IDE) and SATA drives have been used between 2011 and 2018    See Below.

What's Next ?


   READ FIRST        Error Message,  "Can't Unlock Maps"   is caused by a failed Navigation Board  > >


Guidance by Garmin   screen is frozen or restarting  =  failed Navigation Board > >


Blank Navigation Screen  is caused by hardware failure in Navigation Board  > > >


Prices from  $98 - $128 

Click your vehicle model year for Compatible Drives

2011-2015 PATA interface hard drives and SSDs

2016 Check your system for a PATA or SATA drive

or see PATA Drives or SATA Drives

2017-2018 SATA interface hard drives and SSDs