Two ways to repair your REP Nav System

Disk-Image . . $38  repair or replace your REP hard drive today.

Hard Drive . . $98   its easier to replace your REP hard drive than

to replace your REP Uconnect radio.

Garry in Queensland, Australia said  "So good to have a functioning HDD for music and NAV working again. Very happy."

Compatible with MyGig REP

Check the model letters (REP, RHW, etc) by the AUX jack on your radio.  Every system is different.  Click your model on the menu-bar above.

Hard Drive Recovery for MyGig Radio, music, U-Connect and Navigation

With a Disk-Image, you may be able to repair your REP Uconnect radio today.

Hard Drive Recovery for MyGig Radio, music, U-Connect and Navigation

 ALERT-1    If NONE of you hard drive features work, CHECK YOUR SYSTEM before ordering a Disk-Image or MyGig Hard Drive.

MyGig REP Disk-Image - Download Now

MyGig RHW Answers for Jeep Navigation hard drive.

Apply the Disk-Image to a 2.5" 30GB or 40GB IDE hard drive.

Compatibility:  The REP 30GB or 40GB Disk-Images are compatible with any REP model year.  These Disk-Images will fit on your existing 30GB Samsung or a 40GB IDE Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi hard drive.  

We provide:  (1.)  30 and 40Gb Disk-Image downloads   (2.) a program to apply the disk-image to your hard drive.  (3.) WinRar to unzip the Disk-Image download files  (4.) see Easy Instructions

You provide:  (1.) a hard drive  (2.) a PC  (3.) a USB to IDE adaptor

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2 sizes of MyGig RHW Disk-Images Download 30 or 40GB Disk-Image.  No Refunds, but you can apply the $38 to order a REP HDD on this page.

for 30GB Hard Drive for 40GB Hard Drive
REP-30GB-img-part01.rar REP-40GB-img-part01.rar
REP-30GB-img-part02.rar REP-40GB-img-part02.rar
REP-30GB-img-part03.rar REP-40GB-img-part03.rar
REP-30GB-img-part04.rar REP-40GB-img-part04.rar
REP-30GB-img-part05.rar REP-40GB-img-part05.rar
REP-30GB-img-part06.rar REP-40GB-img-part06.rar
REP-30GB-img-part07.rar REP-40GB-img-part07.rar
REP-30GB-img-part08.rar REP-40GB-img-part08.rar
REP-30GB-img-part09.rar REP-40GB-img-part09.rar
REP-30GB-img-part10.rar REP-40GB-img-part10.rar

DOWNLOAD all 10 .rar  files to your PC's "Downloads" folder.  50GB of disk space is required for the 40GB disk-image after you unzip the 10 .rar download files. 

Download files part02.rar >>> part10.rar from this page.

If you pay with a Credit Card, a page will pop up with a RETURN TO MERCHANT link. Click RETURN TO MERCHANT for REP-Part01.rar, and the Imaging Software.

A USB-IDE adaptor is available on Amazon and ebay web sites. This is an example of an inexpensive adaptor on Amazon UK  USB-IDE Adaptor.

$38 to download part01.rar, the Imaging  Software and Easy Instructions provided at payment | No Refunds


Replacement MyGig RER Hard Drive

If your MyGig hard drive has failed or the data is corrupt, a pre-loaded MyGig REP replacement hard drive is the easiest repair available.

We are sorry that we can ship to Russia or China.  The Disk-Image above can be applied to a hard drive that you provide.

MyGig RHW Tools All Hard Drives come with a Dash Board Pry-Tool to assist
with removing your dashboard trim.  A T8 Torq screw driver
is also required.

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ITEM BELOW:  Hard Drive for Cold Climates   ( -30°C ).

40GB MyGig RHW Disk-Image 40GB MyGig REP Automotive Duty Hard Drive
  • MyGig OEM Configuration, best drive for cold climates. Rated down to -30°C
  • Built and Rated for extremes in HEAT | COLD | SHOCK | VIBRATION | ALTITUDE
  • The same Automotive Grade models used in all Luxury Vehicle brands
  • includes a high quality Pro-Fit International pry-tool for your dashboard trim


plus $39.62 Priority Mail


Import Taxes may be

due upon delivery

MyGig RHR problems caused by a bad hard drive

ALERT-1 If NONE of you hard drive features work, CHECK YOUR SYSTEM before ordering a new MyGig Hard Drive.

ALERT-2 If your system is rebooting or freezing or crashing, TEST YOUR SYSTEM before ordering a new MyGig Hard Drive.

Gracenotes HDD not readable (Artist, title, album and genre database)
Database HDD not readable (Maps Database)
SDS HDD not readable (Speach Dialog System)
HARD DRIVE RELATED PROBLEMS – Your system may have some or all of these problems
Screen Messages Most reliable indicators of HDD problem
  • System Info | Database:   ERROR! TAG NOT FOUND
  • Start-up message | Stuck   on Navigation is being
  • System Info | Gracenotes:   N/A
  • Manage Hard Drive | Capacity   0.000GB
  • Emergency Update | Press MENU to start update
  • Voice and Uconnect Buttons | Error
System Feature Problems usually but not always the drive
  • CD music titles are not displayed
  • HDD Music Menu - No music found
  • Music is listed but won't play
  • Can't copy music from USB or CD
  • Can upload music but its not listed
  • Bluetooth Phone pairing not available
Problems a new hard drive will not fix
  • A replacement hard drive WILL NOT fix Volume Control and Mute Problems
  • A replacement hard drive WILL NOT fix scrambled Screen Display Problems

Don't "brick" your MyGig. Its tempting but risky to run a MyGig update when there is a problem caused by your hard drive. . . more

If your system is rebooting, crashing, freezing or won't start-up, check this System-Test before ordering a new MyGig Hard Drive.

Warranty and Test Drive

Test Drive

If your testing shows a replacement hard drive can't fix the problem with your system,
you can return the drive and tools within 30 days for a refund minus a $38 USD return fee.
Buyer pays for return shipping with a method that provides tracking.


  • The MyGig Disk-Image has no defects. Sales are final.

    One Exception: If you order a MyGig Hard Drive after trying a Disk-Image, we will issue $39.62 credit for the Disk-Image.


  • 90 day exchange for a defective Automotive Duty hard drive.
         Hitachi and Toshiba original equipment hard drives are used for the REW system.
  • Your MyGig system cannot be damaged by repairing your hard drive configuration with a Disk-Image or a replacement MyGig hard drive. Nothing on the hard drive is written to your system's firmware.
  • Occasionally MyGig Software Updates and Gracenote Updates create issues with the system firmware. As a no-charge courtesy, MYGIG-DISK.COM provides Downloads and CD/DVD Software updates released by FCA US LLC. We are not responsible for problems that may arise from the installation or the failed installation of MyGig Software updates.

Licensing Compliance is not affiliated with FCA US LLC.  "MyGig" and "Uconnect" are registered trademarks of FCA US LLC.

The replacement hard drives and disk-images offered on this site are configured as recovery media to restore a licensed MyGig
system to its original working condition.  In addition, application updates released by FCA US LLC are posted on this site for
MyGig owners to update the MyGig Operating System and Applications imbedded in solid-state devices as firmware.