same day repair Fix your radio yourself - this weekend

RBZ Hard Drive or SSD . . its easier to replace your RBZ Hard Drive
than to replace your RBZ System.

Tim in New Jersey said  "I received my SSD on Saturday morning.
It was installed and running in my Chrysler within 30 minutes."

Compatible with MyGig RER

Make sure you order the correct hard drive for your vehicle.  3 different RBZ drive configurations have been used between 2010 and 2018

What's Next ?

Prices from  $68 - $128 

To see drives for your RBZ system - Click your vehicle model year

2010-2011Check your system for 1st or 2nd edition RBZ

or go to Application version <= 10.x.x.x or  >=20.x.x.x

2012-2015PATA interface hard drives and SSDs

2016Check your system for a PATA or SATA drive

or go to PATA Drives or SATA Drives

2017-2018SATA interface hard drives and SSDs