MyGig is not responsive - will not turn on

Installing a MyGig Software Update over a failing hard drive can "brick" your system

If your hard drive is failing, it can prevent the Update CD or DVD from writing to your drive, causing the update to crash. Unlike firmware updates in the computer industry,  MyGig firmware updates are not written to be fault-tolerant during installation. This can leave your firmware in an inconsistent state; or worse, with corruption that prevents your system from switching into "Emergency Update" mode. Normally after an update crash, your system will give you the option to resume with an "Emergency Update".

If your system boots into "Emergency Update" mode, to avoid creating a problem you can't fix, restore or replace the drive that caused the update to crash before you make another attempt to run the update.

Before you install a MyGig Software Update, check the problems usually caused by a failing hard drive.

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A Warning:   Many Owners contact us after making 1, 2 or 3 attempts to run a MyGig software update with a bad hard drive. At this point their screen shows nothing or the controls aren't working, or their system is constantly restarting. It may be too late to fix a system with these problems.  Check the "Last Chance" test below.  (not for RHB or RBZ)

Bottom Line:   MyGig Software Updates usually don't fix the problems on the "Disk Problems" list.  If your problem is on the list, you can avoid permanent damage to your system if you address the hard drive problem before you install a MyGig Software Update.


Don't pull on the hard drive ribbon cable or the IDE connector. Carefully release from underneath with a sharp pointed knife a little at each end a couple of times

When you reconnect your drive, be careful align the connector as shown. Its very easy to plug the connector in wrong, shifted left/right or inverted.