same day repair Update with CD or Thumb Drive

Download Application Update 50.01.01

RHB-RBZ.50.01.01.isoburn to a CD

RHB-RBZ.50.01.01.zipunzip to a Thumb Drive

Download Application Update 33.01.23

RHB-RBZ.33.01.23.isoburn to a CD

RHB-RBZ.33.01.23.zipunzip to a Thumb Drive

.ZIP and .ISO Help

WARNING   MyGig Updates can corrupt your system's firmware leaving it permanently inoperative. Attempting to install updates over a failing hard drive increases the risk of damaging your system's firmware because the update may crash if it cannot write to the hard drive.  CHECK YOUR SYSTEM

WARNING   Independent repair shops should avoid installing MyGig Updates on customer systems.  If the installation fails, your customer may expect you to replace their failed system.

 Please Read   To avoid damaging your system, read the instructions below. Use burning software that works for MyGig Updates
RHB-RBZ.33.01.23.iso RHB-RBZ.50.01.01.iso

Free Trial for Windows: Click here

Free Trial for Mac OS X: Click here

Screen Shot with instruction for .ISO

We have posted Express Burn because most free burning software, including native Windows 7 usually doesn't work for MyGig software updates.

If this System Test shows that your system firmware was damaged by an RHB update, visit for a repair price and Authorization form to ship your system in for repair.

It is critical that version 33.01.23 or higher be installed before you install version 50.01.01.  Check your current software version before you proceed with version 50.01.01.

Thumb Drive Installation: Download the .ZIP file into a folder. Unzip the download. Delete or move the .ZIP file out of the folder.  Copy the folders and files to a Thumb Drive formatted with Fat or FAT32. Insert the Thumb-Drive into your RHB system and respond to prompts.

Troubleshooting: If your MyGig system does not proceed to the update screen, its usually because MyGig does not like the quality of the CD. If that happens, burn the update CD with Express Burn (right).

Disclaimer: MYGIG-DISK.COM posts Downloads of Software Updates released by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) as a convenience to MyGig owners. We are not responsible for problems that may arise from the installation or the failed installation of MyGig Software updates.