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VW Routan Joybox and MyGig Disk Images

Your Uconnect model appears in these customer stories under 2 or 3 product IDs. The only difference is the regional content.

RER, REW, REP  are the same system set up for different regions
RHR, RHW, RHP  are the same system set up for different regions
REN, REZ  are the same system set up for different regions
RHB is RBZ re-engineered to include Navigation

In less than 10 minutes I replaced the hard drive and everything is working as usual. Really a great solution!

Rik;    The Hague, NetherlandsMyGig REW

I recently bought a 2009 Wrangler Sahara with a REP system showing these problem messages:
   "Database - ERROR! TAG NOT FOUND"
   "Gracenotes - N/A"
   "HDD space 0"
   "Not equipped with Uconnect"
Because I live in OMAN, The MyGig Help Desk suggested it might be faster and cheaper to buy a blank replacement drive locally and apply the REP disk image to the replacement drive. After I set up a new drive with the disk image, everything worked except for the error message "Not equipped with uConnect". MyGig Help sent the instructions to go into the Engineering Menu to enable JK VR/HFM. That fixed Uconnect.  Thanks a ton; you brought up my broken system.

AbdulAziz;    OmanMyGig REP

My system showed HDD Space = 23GB but there was no music and I couldn't add music to the hard drive.  I burned the Disk-Image to a new 40GB HDD and now the MyGig device works like new !  Thank You very much for professional help and quick response.

Adam;    Zagan, PolandMyGig REN

The MyGig REW in my Jeep was freezing and rebooting, so I followed your "Endless Reboot" testing instructions to try it without the hard drive. AM/FM worked normally and there was no more freezing and rebooting with the drive removed. I ordered your REW disk image a few days ago, followed the instructions on the website and now I have a perfectly working Mygig again. Thank you!

Christos;   Athens, GreeceMyGig REW

Solid State Drive  Put in the new SSD and right out of the gate I was able to play Audio CDs and import music from USB.

Joe;   Las Vegas, NevadaMyGig RHB

I'm in Australia. My REP system was working fine till about three months ago when it stopped playing music from the hard drive. Then music came back for a while, but then was gone again and space on the HDD was reading as 0 Gb.  I downloaded the REP disk image to set up a new 60GB hard drive.  After installing the new drive the maps were for the Middle East, not Australia. Also, my iPhone would sync with the mygig unit, but to answer calls I would have to do it through the phone. When trying the U-connect buttons, I'd get a message saying u-connect is not available.

To fix the maps, the help desk referred me to the Navigation Settings in the Engineering Menu ( Menu / Seek-up / Seek-down ).  Later after trying some other ways to fix U-Connect, they said to check the Engineering Menu to see if the JK VR/HFM setting had somehow become disabled.  I found it was disabled so changing that fixed U-Connect.  Now everything works.  Thank you for all your help.

George;   Sydney, AustraliaMyGig REP

We have made it!!!  Everything is working perfectly now!!!  I have an early REW model that came with a 20GB hard drive.  Before installing the REW disk image on a larger drive, I had two other problems to work out with my MyGig system. It was unable to recognize a 30GB drive I planned to use and I was having Audio problems caused by my LockPick adaptor.  Finally, today I was able put the 40GB REW disk image on a new 40GB hard drive and everything is working perfectly. Thank you very much for your support and for having disk images available for download. Now I have an original Navigation system in my Chrysler 300C again for nearly nothing comparing to original prices and prices for a used system here in Germany.  Thank you very much again!!! With kind regards Lutz

Lutz;   Frankfurt, GermanyMyGig REW

Your directions and disk image worked great!!! Thanks for saving me over $900 in cost to replace the entire unit!!

Bill;   Stratford, Connecticut    USAMyGig RER

UPGRADE SUCCESS:  Just wanted to thank you, your site is well setup and I managed to upgrade the hard drive in my RHR unit from 30 to 40 gigs using your disk image. Instruction page was detailed and well laid out, I had very little issues with anything and the process was smooth. Thrilled to have double the space available now. (20 rather than 11 gigs)

Jeremy;   Windsor, Ontario    CanadaMyGig RHR

My RER system lost all hard drive features. It was at version 9.561 which had a 2008 Chrysler Service Bulletin about drive corruption. I couldn't find the 2 update versions mentioned in the bulletin, so I tried the newer series of RER software updates posted on I installed update 9.713 as the recommended first step for systems with earlier versions, but no luck. Still no indication of a hard drive in System Information. The help desk said the RER disk image would fix the problem if it was data corruption and not a failed disk. So I gave it try. . . NOW, Hard drive is installed and it appears I have my navigation and other features back! Running the software updates now. THANK YOU for your help! If you ever need a customer testimonial - hit me up! You are awesome :-)

Angie;   Cloquet, Minnesota,    USAMyGig RER

Navigation stopped working on our MyGig RER and the screen showed "Navigation Database not detected". I ordered the RER disk images but found my unit was an early version that came with a 20GB hard drive. didn't have a 20GB Disk-Image posted. When I contacted them, Steve said they would setup a 20GB image and upload it to their download server over-night. When I got the 20GB image I tried to restore my 20GB drive but it had bad sectors. Clonezilla would quit with a bunch if Input-Output errors. So I ordered a new 60GB drive on ebay and installed the 60GB image. Now It works perfectly, it didn't cost much and I have a new drive. Thanks for everything.

Kevin;   Kemp, Texas    USAMyGig RER

I bought a 2010 MyGig Nav RER from a JKForum member and it worked properly for about 3 months. The symptoms started small, in that I couldn't access my music on the HDD, followed by the Uconnect only working sometimes, ending with my maps being dropped all together. I don't blame the seller at all; it's a crap shoot buying used electronics. Interestingly, the unit still worked for receiving radio, playing DVDs and controlling my iPod but I still wanted my maps and HDD access. I started looking around and found I bought the images for 30 dollars, got a new HDD, the required cable, and followed the instructions for writing the image on the drive. Here's where it got fun. I was having problems getting my computer to recognize the new HDD I was trying to write the image to. I tried another HDD, and another PC with the same result. I contacted mygig-disk help and Steve was very helpful in trying to get my problem solved. When it still wouldn't work, he gave me his address and offered to write the image on my drive for me at no charge. He didn't have to do this, as it was not his problem at all. (Later we determined that Amazon had sent me a defective IDE cable, needed to write the image to the new drive.) Customer service is NOT dead. I now have a bigger, better drive and the MyGig works as it should. Before you trash your broken MyGig, or try to sell it for scrap, check the site out. (originally posted on JKForum)

John;   Fayetteville, North Carolina    USAMyGig RER

Our hard drive was showing signs of trouble. We are in Denmark and our MyGig says RER on the front panel but has European maps. Patrick on the help desk said it was probably an RER to REW conversion and the REW Disk-Image should be compatible. Well here is the update, the disk imaged worked like a charm. Super instructions, super website, AND super service. By the way, no issue updating software from version 1.220 to 2.404.

Jens;   Glostrup, Hovedstaden,    DenmarkMyGig REW

My screen went blank after starting the Jeep with remote start. Disconnecting the battery for a while didn't help. I downloaded and installed the Disk-Image and then everything but U-Connect worked. The screen said "Not Equipped with U-Connect". Then I found this setting to re-enable U-Connect on a Jeep forum (Engineering Menu / select "Enable JK VR/HFM"). Now everything works. It looks like my hard drive was corrupted and my system forgot it had U-Connect during the power brownout from remote start. Thanks

(editor note: To access the MyGig RER Engineering Menu, push Seek-Up Seek-Down Menu at the same time)

Peter;  Minneapolis, MN    USAMyGig RER

MyGig REW works now. I don't know what was the exact problem because I'm kind of IT guy for all of my friends and they just come and say "It doesn't work, fix it!" One of my friends downloaded the disk-image, I re-imaged it, installed it and it all worked like a charm. Thanks again, you really helped.

Bruno;   Zagreb, CroatiaMyGig REW

The issue began when we lost Bluetooth and Navigation. I was running an Application Update CD to see if that would help when my wife found her car running in the driveway and turned it off before the update was complete. Now it booted into the "Emergency Update" screen but would not start the Application Update CD. Disconnecting the battery a few times for different intervals didn't help. We had just sold the car contingent on getting it fixed so I re-imaged the original drive with the 30GB disk-image. After that, it still booted into the Emergency Update screen, but now it let me start over with the Application Update CD. When that finished, everything worked. Thanks a MILLION!

Kris;   Sarasota, Florida    USA

Bought the image, installed, updated - beautiful!.

Alex;   Ugra, RussiaMyGig REZ

The original hard drive failed. There were no music files and files could not be copied to the drive. I bought a blank 40GB hard drive and the MyGig REZ disk image. I have solved the problem. Sincerely.

Stefano;   Milan, Italy

UPGRADE SUCCESS:  The Disk-Image installation went very well. I was able to restore my original 30GB hard drive and also created a 60GB version that I am currently using. Thanks for a useful and easy to use product.

James;  Rochester, Minnesota    USA

I have a Chrysler Voyager here in Australia. My 30 gb drive seemed to stop working after I downloaded a usb mp3 file a while back. No music, but could still see pictures. All is good now . . I downloaded the REZ image, followed instructions, had a little trouble getting the Clonezilla CD to boot up. Anyway it now works, so thank you from below, very much appreciated.

Grant;   Devonport, Tasmania    Australia

The symptoms started small. I couldn't access my music on the HDD, followed by the Uconnect only working sometimes, ending with my maps being dropped all together. The unit still worked for receiving radio, playing DVDs and controlling my iPod but I still wanted my maps and HDD access. I bought the RER disk image, got a new HDD and required cable on Amazon, then followed the instructions for restoring the disk image on the drive. Everything works great!. Thanks

Fayetteville, North Carolina    USA

The Option to pair a phone with Bluetooth was grayed out and unavailable. Engineering mode was grayed out. Couldn't transfer music via flash drive to the hard drive. Couldn't store addresses in the address book, and voice recognition was not working. It turns out that the existing MyGig hard drive was fine so after applying the Disk-Image it works perfectly. I have had this car for 3 years now and it's never worked right. Finally all the features are operating the way they are supposed to. I'm glad I stumbled on your web site. Your directions were spot on and everything worked like a charm! Thank you.

Ean;   Redland, California    USA

I tried Installing the 30GB disk image on my existing hard drive but the drive was failing. I bought a new 60GB hard drive on ebay and installed the 60GB disk image. The new drive and 60GB image seems to have done the trick. The only issue was my Sirius subscription got clobbered by the application update. A call to Sirius to send the Radio and Traffic activation signal fixed the issue. Thanks !

Dan;   Buffalo, New York    USA

My hard drive failed. The disk image installed on a new drive with no problem . . I was very careful (thorough) and the results are awesome. Thanks a bunch, I have a great radio again.

Bloomington, Minnesota    USA

Nav was working on my original drive, but lost voice recognition and u connect. After installing the disk image on a new drive all working now. Keep up the good work.

Ed;   Bramton, Ontario    CanadaMyGig RER

Thank you for being out there helping the Do It Your Self people with saving time any money on MyGig radio issues. I purchased the MyGig 40GB RHR Disk-Image for my new 40GB hard drive and followed your instructions. The process went perfectly the first time and now my radio works great!

Ray;    Papillion, Nebraska   USAMyGig RHR

My system displayed available disk space, navigation worked, played music but it wouldn't upload music from a USB drive or a CD. I installed the disk image on a spare notebook drive and now everything works great. No more issues.

Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin    USAMyGig RER

UPGRADE SUCCESS:  I was upgrading the size of my hard drive using instructions from a Dodge Forum. I accidentally lost everything from the Gracenotes/Music partition. So I got the REN disk image and only restored the music partition with the Disk-Image. Now I am able to use all of the functions of my REN MyGig.

Buffalo, New York    USA

Started getting error "Navigation Database Not Detected" on startup. I Installed the Disk-Image with no problem, ran the application update CD and its fixed.

Burlington, Ontario    Canada

Used Clonezilla which worked perfectly, it loaded the image with no issue; pretty and clean.

San Diego, California    USA

Thanks, works stuffs up.

Whittlesea, Victoria    Australia

Music menus displayed " No Music Files Found" but the used disk space was unchanged. I tried the 30GB disk image on my original hard drive, but Clonezilla would stop with I/O-Bad-Block errors within a minute. I emailed "help" and they sent me the link to the 60GB disk-image at no charge and I installed that on a new 60GB hard drive. All is good . . 30GB more music space . .total cost less than $100. Great Service, Thanks

Mira Mesa, California    USA

UPGRADE SUCCESS - MyGig RHR:  I used the 40GB disk-image to upgrade from a 30GB to a 40GB hard drive. The instructions were simple to follow and all functions are working correctly. Thank You and great work.

Chicago, Illinois    USAMyGig RER

I was unable to copy music to the hard drive from CDs and Gracenote info was very slow or didn't work at all. Also Random freezing/reboots. Now everything works.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina    USA

My Jeep came with a 30GB hard drive and I wanted more space. I received the larger RHW drive 4 days ago and installed today. It works good and didn't ask for security code. I have 22gb hdd space now. Thanks for help.

Mehmet;   Istanbul, TurkeyMyGig RHW

Solid State Drive    Worked like a charm !!!  Blazing fast also.  Now if Garmin made their update as easy as replacing the drive.  You rock and thanks, totally saved me from buying a new deck.

Aaron:    Duxbury,  Massachusetts   USAMyGig RHB

I received the 40 Gb drive today just on time, since the original drive went into 100% failure. Since I am an experienced Electrical engineer, it took me about 30 minutes all together and everything is up and running. I may be ordering an extra drive for my spare RHR. Thanks again you guys are amazing..

Jose:    Middleton, Wisconsin  USAMyGig RHR

Just want to say thank you so much! We just got the RBZ standard duty hard drive for my Chrysler TownvCountry van. My husband and I had it installed in just a few minutes and now the DVD player works again. It used to just say "reading" all the time. Our youngest daughter is special needs and the DVD player is a must for trips.

Nikki;  Kathleen, Goergia USAMyGig RBZ

Solid State Drive    Our Mygig RHB would not read a CD or DVD;  the display always said "READING".  The system also had a long (~30 sec) startup.  After installing the SSD, the first screen asked for a security code, but after driving a short distance it now starts up normally and everything works. Our system was at software version 33.xx and we are going to leave it there unless we find something missing.  Another successful, happy customer!  Thanks for all your help.

Jon;   Albuquerque, New Mexico  USAMyGig RHB Solid State Drive

I received the HDD yesterday and today I put it in the nav/radio. It all works super. Many thanks.

Fred;   Hillegom, HollandMyGig REW

Thanks for sending the drive so quickly.  I have installed it and  the system works perfectly.

David;   St. Thomas, Virgin Islands USAMyGig REN

The new disk arrived fine - took me 10 mins to install and it all upgraded perfectly.  Loaded all my music back on and it's all running super smooth and so quick - I should have replaced this sooner, instead of battling for so long with the drive that would hang. A huge thanks for your efforts. I originally read about you from another customer on a jeep forum and they mentioned you had great customer service & product - they weren't wrong!

Luke;   Perth AustraliaMyGig REZ

Solid State Drive    The SSD installation went great. I would like to share some of my "before" and "after" findings with you.
1. No serial number or Gracenotes shown.
2. No HDD capacity shown.
3. Would not update maps to NT2014. PND would not update.
4. Slow boot up and iPod music slow to load.
1. All Gracenotes, serial number and capacity shown.
2. Updates went great from 23.xx to 30.xx to 50.xx
3. Garmin software would still not download.
    [ it is a known "bug" that Garmin maps won't update on 50.xx ]
4. Downgraded to update 30.xx, then the Garmin update worked.
5. Reinstalled 50.xx and everything works awesome.
Thanks a bunch.

Ryan;   Deer Run, Alberta  CanadaMyGig RHB Solid State Drive

My REZ radio would not copy music to the hard drive or read a USB drive.  Now all is perfect. Thank you.

Jose;  Santiago, ChileMyGig REZ

Took about 45 minutes. This is the link to a YouTube video for those that have a center console with power adapter. After that it was very easy. Thanks for the help.

John;   Crossroads, Texas   USAMyGig RHR

My Cherokee UConnect wouldn't see any version of iPhone or any other Bluetooth phones.  I checked the Engineering Menu and found the JK VR/HFM  button was grayed out and didn't respond. The check-list on your web site says Bluetooth pairing depends on the hard drive so I ordered a new hard drive.  My Bluetooth is up and running again and my phone pairs with UConnect with no problems.  The drive took 30 minutes to install.  Great service, thanks a million.

Cyril;   Montreal, CanadaMyGig RER

My 730n RER says 'No Navigation Database', I can't save anything to the hdd, Uconnect doesn't work and the Gracenotes doesn't work. Hard drive space says 0.00 gb used and 0.00 gb available. So It has to be the hard drive right ?  It gets very cold in Wisconsin so I ordered the "slightly used" Automotive Grade hard drive with the new RER installaton. It only took me like 3 minutes to actually swap the hard drive ...but pulling the trim and everything total like 45 minutes. Now everything works!  So grateful for your help and services, a huge relief.

Sarah;   Kenosha, Wisconsin USAMyGig RER

I can't say Thank you enough! I have been chasing a non-working uConnect in my Durango RHR radio for a while. All the forums I searched were of no use and I was just about to break down and take it in to the Dealer. I found your site while researching my problem and after reading your page on the RHR radio, I thought I would try replacing the hard drive. Not only did this fix my uConnect and Voice Control, but I now have more storage for songs! Replacing the drive was easy and your website's instructions were spot on. One thing you might add for the Durango is there are two screws on the back of the trim pocket that need to be removed to get the trim off. Thank you again for your service, and fast shipping! Cliff

Cliff;   Plano, Texas USAMyGig RHR

About two weeks ago my MyGig started acting weird like the navigation would show me paralleling the highway I was driving on by about a half a mile. I lost 768 songs on my hardrive, the SAT, FM and AM still worked but it would not show a list of stations as before and the voice commands would not even be close to what I just said. So, I thought I would just re run the last cd update disc I had. Luckily I went to this website where they warned that running the update while having these problems could brick my mygig. After reading the symptoms for a bad hard drive I ordered one of theirs for $138. It arrived two days later. Instructions for installation were copied off their website. With the new drive, everything works with no problems. The guy that helped me is Steve. Excellent service.  (first posted in the JKOwners forum)

Allan;   Saint Francisville, Louisiana USAMyGig RER

After installing a used RER system in my 2006 Dodge Ram along with a LockPick adaptor from Coastal Electronics, I found the original hard drive was corrupt.  So I ordered and installed a new pre-loaded MyGig 60GB drive and that works great.  With an RER system adapted to a 2006 car with a LockPick, I discovered I needed to get the "Clock-Fix" patch to get the clock so it wasn't stuck on 12:00.  I believe the patch configures the MyGig system to get its time from Satellite instead of from the car.  Steve at MyGig provided the "Clock Fix" download at this link RER-REW-REP-2.499-Clock-Fix.iso and also advised I reinstall update 2.404 after the clock fix.  After running those two CDs, everything works great. Thanks for the great service!!

Robert;   Elizabethton, Tennessee USAMyGig RER
VW Routan Joybox and MyGig Hard Drives

I received the HDD yesterday and I installed it in the radio. I'm happy to say that it works great. I thank you for your kind assistance in helping me to solve my issues. If you need anything more from me please let me know.

Fred;  Cokato, Minnesota USAMyGig RHR Automotive Duty

Solid State Drive    Dropping you a line to let you know that the new SSD did the trick. Everything operates as expected. Backup camera is rapid, DVD player works and able to transfer files to the drive. Thank you.

Tyler;  Manitoba, CanadaMyGig RHB 64GB SSD

Hey, just a heads up. You guys saved me quite a bit of money and headache! I received the package today; the hard drive is installed and the update software is flashing the system right now. Easiest fix I've ever done for this car. Have a great weekend !

Paris;    Fairfield, Ohio USAMyGig RHR Automotive-Grade Drive

The RER system in my Jeep Rubicon lost voice-activation, phone-pairing and Navigation, but would still play music from the hard drive. It took me about 30 minutes to replace my old drive and now everything works again. Faster music menus and a disk-space upgrade are a bonus.

Ned;   Plymouth, Minnesota  USAMyGig RER Automotive-Grade Drive

Hey, just a heads up. You guys saved me quite a bit of money and headache! I received the package today; the hard drive is installed and the update software is flashing the system right now. Easiest fix I've ever done for this car. Have a great weekend !

Paris;   Fairfield, Ohio  USAMyGig RHR Automotive-Grade Drive

The new drive arrived on Thursday and I put it in yesterday.  No issues whatsoever with the installation or the 2.404 update.  I'm back up and running, loading mp3s to my heart's content. You provide a great service for those looking for help with their u connect mygig radios. I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone in need. Your prompt delivery and customer service was much appreciated.  Keep up the good work!

Dan;   Swedesboro, New Jersey  USAMyGig RER Automotive-Grade Drive

Solid State Drive    I received my drive Saturday morning and it was installed and running in my Chrysler within 30 minutes. It was a very straightforward and trouble free install. I didn't even need the upgrade disks that you included. Thanks for a great product !

Tim;   Trenton, New Jersey USAMyGig RHB Solid State Drive

Thanks Steve; The hard drive in my 730n RER crashed 2 months after buying my 2010 Challenger R/T....after a few emails with you I was sure the drive was the problem (lost all nav, and all stored music) the cost of a replacement system was at MINIMUM $ with a $138 fix as an option, it was a simple choice. It took about 15 min to swap my drive following your directions, and the system is back up and working great...thanks for the AWESOME customer service and for selling the preloaded drives.

George;   Wichita, Kansas USAMyGig RER

The new hard drive was a fast and easy fix and at the same time updated my maps.

Dean;   Madrid, IowaMyGig RER

My RB2 was not reading cd / dvd or finding songs on HD. Thank you for your attention on RB2 compatibility and Express shipping to Brazil.  I installed the hard drive and the radio works Estaq perfect!

Fabio;   Cajamar, Sanpaulu BrazilMyGig RBZ Hard Drive in MyGig RB2

Solid State Drive   The songs on my RBZ were listed but they wouldn't always play. The SSD installation went well. Works Fine. Thanks.

Tim;   Pearland, Texas USAMyGig RBZ Solid State Drive

The hard drive on My MyGig RER stopped responding so I tried running a 2.404 application update CD. The update crashed and the system went into Emergency Update mode. It wouldn't run the CD at that point and it wouldn't turn off. I had to remove the fuse get it stop. After I installed the new hard drive I was able to run the Update CD that came with the new drive. took awhile but now everything works great. Thanks-

John;   Phoenixville, Pennsylvania    USA

My RER system started rebooting randomly. I tried running the latest 2.404 update CD a couple of times but it would reboot during the update before it was finished. Next, I tried "Restore Factory Defaults" under the Engineering Menu (hold down buttons MENU, SEEK-UP, SEEK-DOWN for a few seconds) but that didn't help . . still frequent reboots. So I ordered and installed the new drive. Since the 2.404 update had never made it to the end, I ran it again with the new drive and now it finished OK. But then it started rebooting again . . so I was thinking the MyGig unit might be bad rather than the hard drive. This morning I went back into the Engineering Menu and ran "Restore Factory Defaults" again, but this time with the new hard drive. Now it Works

Mitch;   Stoughton, Massachusetts    USA

I popped her in and was up and running. No data (music & pictures) of course but oh well. Thanks much for the totally painless and inexpensive solution.

Doug;   Lexington Park, Maryland    USA

Good News. I was upgrading my car to a MyGig RER with the help of a Lockpick Adaptor from Coastal Electronics. At first there were a few small bugs but the system worked. But after finishing the cosmetic details of the installation, I could hear the radio, but the screen was flickering and the hard drive was clicking like it was trying to start. After disconnecting and reconnecting all the cables, the screen was still flickering and then the system went dead. So, I ordered a new MyGig hard drive from Before the drive arrived, I told Steve at that I had just installed my system with Lockpick. He suggested I verify the Lockpick DIP switch settings in case a switch had been accidentally changed when moving stuff around in the dashboard during installation. I don't know if the switch had been changed but it turns out the CanBus Speed switch was wrong. Correcting the speed switch on Lockpick fixed everything and I was still using the original drive. I decided to keep the new hard drive when it arrived since its larger and I can keep my original drive as a spare. I have to pay you guys a great compliment ! Even the guys at Lockpick didn't suggest verifying Lockpick switch positions. Your hands-on experience really paid off here. Thanks for your expert help!

Tim:   Atlanta, Georgia    USAMyGig RER

I think my problem began when I started the engine on a low battery. Sat radio and FM worked but no maps, no music or disk space. Ran an update CD and the system locked up; now in an endless reboot loop and won't turn off. Attempted a reset by disconnecting the battery multiple times. It still wouldn't turn off so I pulled fuses to keep it from draining the battery. The new RER hard drive plus running the update CD included with the hard drive was fully successful. Very Happy, Thanks

Curtis;   Saint Marys, Goergia    USA

My hdd stopped working abruptly one day and I tried everything to access it. The drive was very easy to swap out. Took me less than 20 mins and all I had to do was remove 6 screws. 2 to open the top cover and 4 holding the head unit in place. The drive works, thank you for your speedy reply and help with this.

William:   St. Hubert, Quebec    Canada

Suddenly, the HDD music menu had no playlists or anything else. Navigation and everything else was fine. I received the hard drive today and it went like CLOCK WORK! All is up and running! I really appreciate the product and your support! Just glad I did not have to buy a whole new unit!

John:   Dunedin, Florida    USA

Everything is perfect! I just installed the HDD. 15 minutes only to remove the MYGIG and installation. Very nice. It was not necessary to update with the CD's. Everything works as it has to do. Now I can put new music with my USB key , and new pictures. Great Great really great. Thank you again for your cooperation.

Guy;   Hauteville, Rhone-Alpes    France

I received the hard drive and installed it. Seems to be working great. Thank you very much.

Nate;   Ashland, Ohio    USA

These guys are the best, fast shipping and email response!!!!!!

Richard;   Oneida, New York    USA

As crazy as this sounds, it was so great to get my system going again, I just ordered a second drive to have a "SPARE" available at all times.

Dunedin, Florida    USA

Received the hard drive, thank you so much, its working great.

Serge;   Niagara Falls, Ontario    Canada

Everything works great thanks, Sent from my iPhone

Kieth;   Savannah, Georgia    USA

My wife and I completed the HD replacement this evening and the hard drive works fine.

Indianapolis, Indiana    USA

I was worried about doing this myself, but removing the hard drive from my WK only took a few minutes and it took less time to put the new one in. Leaving all the cables connected made it too easy. My music was gone but this time I'm reloading the music from a USB drive rather than from CDs.

Telluride, Colorado    USA
There were no problems getting the hard drive. Once the packet reached customs I got it soon after. After that it only took about an hour to install it to my media center. Now it works like a charm. Thank you very much!

Toni:      Helsinki, FinlandMyGig REW

Got it today, installed, work perfectly, all systems good. Thank you

Mark:    Daphne, Alabama USAMyGig RER

My 2009 Chrysler Town and Country RER system wasn't downloading any music (MP3 or WMA). I recently purchased the 2018 Navigation Update with the Uconnect System Software Update. I was able to download the Uconnect System Software Update Version 2.404. But, not the Navigation Map Update. I also couldn't access the Engineering Menu . . . I purchased a 40GB MyGig RER Automotive Duty Drive (was -2degrees the other night and this has been a mild winter to date). Was able to install in less than an hour. Hard Drive was recognized and I was able to access the Engineering Menu, radio presets were still present, uploaded the Navigation Map Update, and I've downloaded hundreds of MP3 and WMA music files. I don't want to imagine how much a dealership would have charged. A big Thank you!!!.

Randy:    Fountain, Colorado USAMyGig RER

Just wanted to say thanks for the service, new HDD delivered promptly, installed it and everything is working nicely again. So good to have a functioning HDD for music and being able to use all the NAV functions like recording tracks. The u-Connect would not work initially, I could use it through the phone but not with the buttons on the system, checked the customer stories and that gave me the info to check the Engineering Menu to see if the JK VR/HFM setting had somehow become disabled. It was disabled so changing that fixed U-Connect and now its all working. Once again very happy with the product and service.

Garry Couch:    Arana Hills, Queensland  AustraliaMyGig REP

I ordered a hard drive for my 2010 Chrysler Town & Country with the RER version.  The hard disk that you sent was perfect. Went in and fired up beautifully

John:   Waterville, Ohio USAMyGig RER

Solid State Drive   I recently upgraded my 2015 Jeep JK's radio to a RHB model and found that it was behind 2 versions in Application updates.  In my search for software updates I came across MyGig-Disk web site for software updates and installation information. The two updates installed without issue. After adding most of my favorite music files and some photos I became concerned about the durability of a spinning hard drive in a bouncing Jeep.  Having spent HOURS loading music and photos I didn't want to enjoy that part of my life, again, and I remembered they offered offered Solid State Drives and disk imaging services - SOLD!

The customer, technical, and product services provided were TOP shelf. Steve transferred my files to a 64GB SSD which fit my unit like it was OEM, flawless fit; and I now have additional space for more music, and it loads faster! Thank You !

Michael:   Plainview, Texas USAMyGig RHB

I ordered a replacement drive after seeing online that an SSD just doesn't work with MyGig RER. I just installed the drive you sent and did the software version update too. THANK YOU so much for providing this service. You saved me a lot of $$. I was even considering just doing aftermarket as the dealer wanted so much to replace what I had. Your easy and simple directions and a great Tips and Troubleshooting sheet were much appreciated too. And I didn't lose any presets :-)

John:   Clarkston, Michigan USAMyGig RER

I started having trouble with my MyGiG REW in my 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee WH. When I found the web site I learned the problem was a failing hard drive . Living in Italy, it took about a week to receive and then install a replacement 40GB HDD. The new updated drive works like a charm.
Disk-Image;  Later, as backup I also bought the 40Gb disk image to setup a spare hard drive. The download was very quick and restoring the drive using the software tools included with the Disk Images was quick and safe. Thanks to thank staff at for the high level professional work that they constantly do and also for great willingness with customers. Thank you from Italy

Marco:   L'Aquila, ItalyMyGig REW

My VW Routan has an RER system.  UConnect and Nav stopped working. Nav was saying "no database connected".  I ordered a new hard drive on Tuesday;  we installed it on Thursday evening and we're all set.  It works great, actually better than before (faster boot up).

Molly;   Webster Groves, MO    USAVW Routan RER
The replacement drive arrived and my RER is working great!  Thanks

Chris:    Calgary, CanadaMyGig RER

Purchasing and installing a new HD is a no-brainer even if it's just map updates one needs. My factory HD failed and installing the replacement was a snap, with an assist from a YouTube video.

Bob:   Liberty, Missouri  USAMyGig RER

My name is Sandi. I drive 2009 Dodge Ram. Recently, after a visit to the dealer repair shop, Bluetooth "automatically" stopped working and all of the music I had stored on my uConnect system was gone. I returned to the dealer who recommended that I REPLACE the entire uConnect system ($1500+). Determined to figure out another way, I purchased a replacement drive from mygig planning to take my chances and install it myself. Well, I did exactly that! And it WORKS LIKE A CHAMP! For those who may be doubting whether or not this is a good solution, I say GIVE IT A TRY!!! Thanks for making a product that I can employ myself!!!!

Goose Creek, South CarolinaMyGig RER

No issues to report, just a huge THANK YOU in helping me fix the problem with my Dodge's music system! The Hard Drive was crashing constantly, and was causing me and my wife no end of frustration. We had the local Chrysler dealer install the new Hard Drive, and it works PERFECTLY.

Joseph:    Merrill, Wisconsin  USAMyGig REN

The radio in my 2012 Grand Cheorkee would boot up to the Jeep uConnect screen, then shut down, then restart in an endless loop. Also, the backup camera no longer worked. I found the the reboot-loop test on your web site, so I pulled the radio unit out and removed the disk drive. This allowed the radio to turn on, AM/FM, Sirius, Bluetooth and the Backup Camera all worked now. But the uConnect Connect list was gone, which likely meant that some of the uConnect data was stored on the hard drive. Once I installed the new drive, the radio came up normally. I downloaded the contacts from my phone and uConnect was working again.  After a minute or so during the first startup, the backup camera started working when I put put the Jeep into reverse. I transferred my music onto the radio from a USB stick and now all is well : ) Thank you again !

Steve:    Lebanon, New Jersey  USAMyGig RHB

Everything related to the hard drive in my radio stopped working; no disk space, no Gracenotes and couldn't copy music to my system.  The hard drive came today and it works perfectly. Thanks for the HELP and the extra backup drive. That was a surprise and a plus. Thanks again.

Gary:    Richmond, Texas  USAMyGig RHR

Thank you very much for excellent service. The new hard drive came in post to my door on Friday.  It required 50 minutes to install with the instructions and tools provided. My radio is working perfectly now. With best regards and many thanks.

Vilhelm:    Reykjavik, IcelandMyGig REN

I bought this Grand Cherokee Limited second hand and the RER radio was stuck in a reboot loop. As a result the jeep was sold for a reduced price. I found your site with regards to a solution to get this radio/nav unit working. I disconnected the hard drive as described on your site, and the radio started working. Knowing this, I purchased your automotive grade replacement hdd because I live north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It took 10 minutes to have my whole system up and running like new. Truly one of the most painless repairs I have ever performed on a vehicle and I am an automotive collision technician/auto mechanic/motorcycle technician. Thanks for the quick delivery and clear instructions.

Lou:    Toronto, Ontario, CanadaMyGig RER

My Navigation, Bluetooth and HDD for music all stopped working in my 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I installed a new RER Automotive Grade hard drive and now everything is working perfectly.  I travel a lot, so I  love having my HDD again. Thanks.

Bernie:    Coatesville, PennsylvaniaMyGig RER

Received the package and all is well. New hard drive works well and software update done. My audio device is all working again. Chrysler in Australia wanted me to pay 3000 AUD for a new head unit all together but the issue was just a typical corrupt hard drive. Thank you.

Peter:    Brookfield, Victory AustraliaMyGig REZ

Solid State Drive   I have a 2011 Challenger with an RBZ. I didn't have any issues with my radio but was upgrading the application software from their web site. The updates went perfect so then I decided to upgrade to an SSD. I live in northern Minnesota where it gets crazy cold in the winter (-30) and the old hard drive tends to slow down when it gets cold.  I am a tech guy but RBZ drives are locked so I couldn't clone my drive to a 128GB SSD I bought on ebay.  I sent Steve both drives. They cloned my original drive to my SSD, enlarged the SSD partitions and mailed both drives back to me the same day they received them. I installed the SSD and everything went perfect, no issues and it's fast, the music starts instantly!  I have also purchased a spare RBZ, thinking maybe I should upgrade that one too...Thanks for the super fast service!

Mark:    Babbitt,  Minnesota   USAMyGig RBZ

My old drive quit so I purchased a new REP 40GB Automotive Duty hard drive.  An absolute treat, the thing is working faster than ever and I now have my Maps and Bluetooth works flawlessly.  When I first ran the new drive, the maps came up for Saudi Arabia and I am in Australia and it also said "UConnect Not Available".  I emailed the boys and they told me how to enter the Engineering Menu to change the maps and how to enable Uconnect with the "Enable JK VR/HFM" button.  Thanks Mate, keep up the great work.

Clint:    Melbourne, Victoria AustraliaMyGig REP

Solid State Drive    Installation went like a breeze, and cured the issues. The only little hiccup I ran into was that the four screw holes that affix the drive to the tray were off maybe a half millimeter towards the pins. They were that way equally on all four. But they worked. Once everything was reinstalled and power returned the radio worked perfect again. I am a huge fan! You saved me more than a thousand dollars! Now to load it up with my music again!

Russell:    Louisburg,  Kansas   USAMyGig RHB

The hard drive finally gave out in my 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. Funny things started to happen with my phone and navigation.  I Googled to find some solutions on Jeep forums and came across your web site. It only took me a couple of minutes to verify that the problems I was having were described in the troubleshooting part of your website.
I ordered an automotive grade new drive.  It arrived in my mailbox in 3 days. Install took about 20 minutes. Unit booted up and navigation and phone came right up.  Awesome product, I can't even imagine how much the dealer would charge.  Thank you for a great website and product.

Dorian:    Scottsdale, Arizona   USAMyGig RER

I have a Dodge Durango in Chile.  I was looking for a disk image for my RB2 radio but RB2 wasn't listed on their web site. After Steve verified that RB2 and RBZ systems use the same hard drive, I ordered an RBZ drive. The new drive works great, now everything is working again.

Manual:     Santiago;   Lo Barnecha, ChileMyGig RB2

When I turned on the ignition, my RHW radio would go into an endless reboot. It would show the Jeep logo and then restart. The new drive was easy to install and it works great.

Sara:     Reading, Berkshire    EnglandMyGig RHW

Solid State Drive    I just bought a new 2016 Jeep Wrangler and wanted to upgrade my HDD to a 128GB SSD. Steve suggested the SSD should be a clone of my 2016 hard drive because it would have the newest Gracenote version, but then added that RHB hard drives are locked in their firmware and must be unlocked before they can be cloned.
So they offered to unlock and clone my 40GB Jeep hard drive to a new 128GB SSD, adjusting the partition sizes to fill the 128GB.  So I shipped them my HDD on Monday.  I received the SSD four days later along with my hard drive and it works flawlessly!

This is a screen shot they sent of the 128-SSD partitioning. Steve warned me in advance the RHB music catalog has a numerical limit of 2048 songs when uploaded through the USB port.  But then you can still add songs from CDs, maybe another 2048 because they are tracked in a second catalog that pulls ID3 tags from the internal Gracenote database.  Even if I hit catalog limits, there will be plenty of space to use a higher bit rate sampling of the music for better sound quality.  Thanks for making this such a great experience.

Matt:    Colorado Springs, Colorado   USAMyGig RHB

I was having a problem with UConnect/Bluetooth on my MyGig RER. The RER was installed this spring in my 2006 300C with a V2 lockpick adapter. After a couple of months, UConnect stopped working saying "the phone is not available". I checked the engineering menu and JK VR/HFM was greyed out. So, to be sure that it would be fixed, I ordered a "used 40G HDD" from you fellows. I received it yesterday and installed it this morning. I installed the drive, and then deleted the old UConnect pairing from my phone. Then re-paired my phone to my radio and poof it works!    I'm one very happy camper today!

Bryan:    St. Lazare,  Quebec  CanadaMyGig RER

My REP system wouldn't even turn on.  Then I found your web site that said I should try my system with the hard drive removed.  Then my system started up and all the radio features worked normally.  So I ordered a new 60GB hard drive.  Now, my stereo, GPS, bluetooth etc all worked perfectly after installing your hard drive.  A HUGE THANKS for having a great website, great service and more importantly, a product which does exactly what she said it would! :)   If I hadn't found your website, my stereo was going to get thrown out within the next two weeks! :)

Mark;   Highland Park, Queensland AustraliaMyGig REP