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We use email for all communication because it maintains a detailed case history

of your MyGig problem and the steps taken to resolve the problem.

VW Routan "Joybox" versus "MyGig"

The VW Routan (2009-2012) has the same media systems offered in the Chrysler branded vehicles.  VW used the name "Joybox" instead of  "MyGig".   After you select the Joybox model (RER, RHR etc) for your VW Routan on the product menu above, the "MyGig" Disk Images and Hard Drives also work with your Routan "JoyBox" system.

What about the Splash Screen Logo ?   Your splash screen will remain as "VW" when you install one of our Disk Images or Hard Drives.


We are experts in Disk Imaging and Data Recovery from experience gained in our main business of performing regulatory security testing for banks and from coordinating security incident investigations for banks.

With little overhead assigned to our MyGig operations, we have the lowest prices and are a good source for proven
information for MyGig repairs.

With your MyGig system there is very little information or access for resolving a specific software malfunction, so like with enterprise computing, the most effective repair solution is to use Disk Imaging to bring the hard drive configuration back to a "known Good" state. A MyGig Disk-Image or a MyGig Replacement Hard Drive brings your hard drive hosted system configuration back to working condition and you can install it yourself.

Licensing Compliance

"MyGig" and "UConnect" are registered trademarks of FIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES (FCA). is not affiliated with FCA.

The MyGig Disk-Image and the replacement hard drive are each system recovery media to restore a licensed MyGig system to its original configuration. These system repair items do not distribute unauthorized upgrades or distribute software to unlicensed devices.

  • The MyGig Operating System and MyGig Applications reside in flash memory as firmware on MyGig systems and are not distributed on hard drives or disk images offered on this site.
  • Gracenote updates have been applied to recovery media for MyGig 430, 430N and 730N to restore Gracenote services on a licensed device.
  • Map updates have not been applied to recovery media for MyGig 730N navigation models as they must be acquired under a paid licensing arrangement between the MyGig system owner and the map distributor.
  • Map updates have not been applied to hard drive recovery media for MyGig 430N (RHB) as maps reside in flash memory as firmware.