Fix-It-Yourself, with a MyGig Disk-Image or MyGig Hard Drive

MyGig Problem? . . very likely file corruption or a failing hard drive.

A replacement hard drive is an easy, inexpensive do it yourself repair.

Sable in Wisconsin said  "It took me 45 minutes to replace my Jeep
hard drive and now everything works.  A huge relief, Thank You !"

Compatible with MyGig RHR

Check the model letters (RHR, RER, etc) on the front
of your radio.  Every system is different.  Click your model on the menu-bar above.

Hard Drive Recovery for MyGig Radio, music, U-Connect and Navigation

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Hard Drive Recovery for MyGig Radio, music, U-Connect and Navigation Customers tell how they fix their MyGig Navigation / Music systems

Everything related to the hard drive in my radio stopped working; no disk space, no Gracenotes and I couldn't copy music to my system. The new drive came today and everything works again.  More space for music is a plus.
Richmond, Texas  USA

The MyGig Update crashed before it finished and my system booted into the Emergency Update screen. Only after installing the new hard drive, would it let me start over with the Update CD. When finished, everything worked. Sarasota, Florida USA. . . . ** find your problem  in  Customer Stories

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The replacement hard drives and disk-images offered on this site are configured as backup media to restore a licensed MyGig
system to its original working condition.  In addition, application updates released by FCA US LLC are posted on this site for
MyGig owners to update the MyGig Operating System and Applications imbedded in solid-state devices as firmware.