100Mbps Fastest Download for MyGig RER Updates For Dodge Chrysler and Jeep Radio & Navigation

same day RHRair Disk-Image Hard Drive Recovery easy to install MyGig RER 2.404 Software Update

Download MyGig RER Disk-Image:    for MyGig 730N RER

A MyGig RER Disk-Image is a full backup of your original RER hard drive. You can use the Disk-Image to restore your original drive. If that doesn't work because the drive has failed, you can use the 40GB or 60GB Disk-Image to create a new MyGig RER hard drive using a 2.5" IDE hard drive that you provide. 3 Disk-Images sizes for $38

Download MyGig RER 2.404 update:    by Chrysler Group LLC

Download speed up to 100 Mbps as permitted by your internet service. This MyGig Software Update is posted as a courtesy including tips for a successful installation. See below to avoid common problems.

Use burning software that works Don't update over a bad hard drive

Why 6 files for the Disk-Image ?   The large download is managed by using a set of 6 .rar archive files. The set of 6 .rar files extract with WinRar (or RAR Expander for Mac) to create a single directory containing the MyGig Disk Image on your computer or an attached USB drive. Make sure you have 20GB of free space to download and extract the Disk-Image.

Important: Download the .rar files to the root of drive C: on your computer. How ? When you click on the first download link, select "Save As" then browse to C:\ then click "Save". All other files will use the same location as you set for the first file.

Why ? Clonezilla will not use a Disk-Image that is not located at the root of a drive on your computer. If you already downloaded the "10th file" to another location, you must move it to C:\ . You can also use the root of an attached USB drive (wallet sized USB drive, not a thumb drive). Errors occur during the .rar extraction process on flash drives. Mac users must use an attached USB drive, not their computer's hard drive.

Download the Image size you plan to use. Download other sizes at any time.

IMPORTANT   Your system can be permanently damaged if you install a MyGig Update over a failing hard drive. check hdd problems list !

Check your current software version to determine which version(s) you need Use burning software that works for MyGig Updates
RER-REW.9.713.iso REP-RER-REW.9.807.iso REP-RER-REW.2.404.iso

Free Trial for Windows: Click here

Free Trial for Mac OS X: Click here

Screen Shot with instruction for .ISO

We have posted Express Burn because most free burning software, including native Windows 7 usually doesn't work for MyGig software updates.

If your MyGig System begins to Restart-Continuously following a crashed update, see this page for a diagnostic test to determine if the constant-restart is caused by a firmware problem or a hard drive problem

1 (Oldest) 2 3 (Newest)

Check your current Software Version, then install software updates in the order shown above starting with the first version that is newer than your current version.

Troubleshooting: If your MyGig system does not proceed to the update screen, its usually because MyGig does not like the quality of the CD. If that happens, burn the update CD with Express Burn (right).

If the update crashes, its usually because it has run into a problem on the hard drive. If an update crashes, Do not try again until you have fixed the hard drive problem.  Each crash puts your firmware at risk of corruption that you can't fix.

Disclaimer: MYGIG-DISK.COM posts Downloads of Software Updates released by Chrysler Group LLC as a convenience to MyGig owners. We are not responsible for problems that may arise from the installation or the failed installation of MyGig Software updates.

(version "clonezilla-live-20131029-saucy-64")


Alternate version for compatibility with your computer if necessary


  • download zip file above
  • Using Windows "Disk Management" format one of your old small thumb drives with Fat32
  • Using Windows "Disk Management" right-click on the drive and select "Mark Partition as Active"
  • unzip the clonezilla-live zip file and copy the files to the thumb drive
  • on the thumb drive, browse to \utils\win32\
  • double-click on makeboot.bat    warning   click on makeboot.bat on the thumb drive not in the folder on your computer.
  • respond to prompts

  • ( To get to Disk Management, right-click on "Computer", select "Manage", open "Disk Management" )

Download WinRar (40 day evaluation) . . . to unpack the downloaded MyGig RER Image files. Select the 32 or 64 bit version of WinRar for your computer.

http://mygig-disk.com/utility-downloads/wrar420.exe for 32 bit computer (will work on 32 or 64 bit computer)

http://mygig-disk.com/utility-downloads/winrar-x64-420.exe for 64 bit computer (better performance on 64 bit computer)

If you have a Mac, download and install RAR Expander from SourceForge (best quality free utilities)

RAR Expander

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